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Camp Savvy is about the sharing of my experience and smart camping.

This blog is about me sharing the experience I picked up during all my years of hiking and camping, the camp sites we visit, the equipment I use or new equipment coming to market. I will be posting articles with information about the camp sites as well as videos on my Youtube channel, reviews about camp equipment, camping hacks and general camping news.

My camping experience

I’ve been camping for the last 33 years. I started out hiking, a lot. At my peak I hiked every weekend for months on end. Because hiking with a backpack requires carrying everything you need on your back, my camping experience was basically sleeping in a tent small and light enough that I could carry it on my back, sleeping on a 1.5cm thick foam roll and preparing my food on a small hiking gas stove in an army dixie (both still working). This was “how I rolled” for many years.

Then I married a wonderful wife but she did not enjoy the hiking thing so much but fortunately for me, she does love camping. A happy wife means a happy life so camping moved to a canvas dome tent with a kitchen extension, blow up mattress and a customised aluminium canopy on the 4×4 with a removable 2-plate gas stove for cooking and a 45l National Lunah fridge to keep the beers cold.

When our daughter arrived we customised the tent extension, adding another section and a side room. While this worked great it did come at a cost. Set up time was such that going away for a weekend was just not worth the effort so again we “upgraded”, this time to a Jurgens Explorer off-road caravan. Now we were styling!

Buying the Explorer was a great idea. It changed the way we camp. Leaving late on a Friday afternoon for a quick weekend camp is now practical. All that has to be packed are clothes and food. Everything else is already in the caravan. Setting up has become a breeze and camping for a two week stretch a pleasure. The only two camping problems we have now are the cost of diesel and finding enough free weekends to go and camp. That being said, I can think of worse problems to have.