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ATKV Eiland Spa

ATKV Eiland Spa entrance

I was fortunate to spend two weeks at the ATKV Eiland Spa in Limpopo, in the middle of the Hans Merensky nature reserve. This is a family type resort and not the type of place if you want to spend away from other people in the bush, not seeing your neighbours. That being said, the camp sites are fairly big. There’s huge amounts of space. There’s a lot of bush around you and it is a very pleasant place to camp.

Even during school holidays, or in the April school holiday that we visited, it wasn’t busy and I would think of the almost 300 campsites they have, only about 10 to 15% were filled. So you’re definitely not on your neighbour’s stoep, or porch for our international viewers. Let’s see what this resort is about.

Where is ATKV Eiland Spa?

ATKV Eiland Spa location
ATKV Eiland Spa location

The ATKV Eiland Spa is about 60 kilometres from its closest biggest town which is Tzaneen. It is also located in the Hans Merensky nature reserve, which gives you ample opportunity for mountain biking, trail running, hiking and enjoying nature. You can also take drives in the reserve to view animals and visit their open museum.

All the ATKV resorts are very popular for one simple reason, you know exactly what you are going to get. A well run resort which is friendly with efficient staff.

Camping at ATKV Eiland Spa

ATKV Eiland Spa resort layout
ATKV Eiland Spa resort layout

The ATKV Eiland Spa has a total of 300 camping sites, divided in six blocks.

Blocks C, D and E are especially popular because of their location in relation to the entertainment area and the swimming pools. Many of the stands are quite large and can easily house a big caravan.

While block F is further from the entertainment area, it is also a bit more isolated giving you a bit more of a bush feeling when camping. The stands are not huge but there is a lot of bush around you and other than your neighbour on your left and your right you don’t have anybody behind or in front of you. So, if you want to get away from a bit from the hustle and bustle, I do suggest making use of block F.

All stands are electrified, have a dustbin, running water and are relatively close to ablution facilities, except for block B which has got a bit of a walk to get to the ablutions.

Block C is very close to the little dam and fishing area and a couple of the stands on block C, especially stand 1 and 2 have very nice views of the dam itself.

The ablution facilities are very high quality. They are well maintained and cleaned multiple times during the day. At these facilities are also dishwashing basins, basins specifically for pots and pans and also basins for washing clothing with clothes lines. There are usually also tumble dryers and washing machines in these areas.

There are facilities for emptying porta potties.

When is the best time to visit ATKV Eiland Spa?

It is Mopani veld so there are a lot of trees. Many stands do not have large trees however, and this is something to consider because you will be exposed to sun. We were there in April and the temperatures easily ranged between 37 and 38 degrees during the day.

Tzaneen monthly average temperatures and rainfall
Tzaneen monthly average temperatures and rainfall

We did speak to management and their most popular month is July which is understandable because of nice warm temperatures in the area, while the rest of the country is fairly cold.

Facilities and things to do

One of the reasons the ATKV resorts are very popular with families that have children are their programs during holidays. In the entertainment area, they often have various competitions and activities involving adults and children. They typically keep people busy most of the day.

ATKV Eiland Spa outside heated pool
Outside heated pool

The pools are very good quality and at the Eiland Spa they’ve got a cold pool, a hot pool outside and then and internal hot spa bath, which is really hot.

There’s a lot of areas for the children to play and a small pool that is shallow and specifically for children below the age of six.

Other activities includes tennis, horse riding, catch and release of fish, hiking, mountain biking and both of these can be done in the Hans Marensky reserve. There is ample opportunity to enjoy nature.

There is a restaurant as well as a shop which is fairly well stocked and has all the necessities. Surprisingly, the prices were very good and they didn’t overcharge for what they sell.

ATKV Eiland Spa also has a first aid room with well trained staff.

ATKV Eiland Spa library

Something thing that surprised me and I really enjoyed, was the library that they have. At this library they’ve got a large number of books and magazines. You literally just go in, sign for them, take them, read them and take them back when you’re done.


Yes, it is not the type of resort you’d go to if you want to get away from away from the hustle and bustle. But, if you’ve got a family, especially with younger children, this is definitely a place to go and relax. Everybody will have something to do and there will always be something to enjoy.

Definitely a place we will go back to again and we can highly recommend.

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