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Hotrods Cookout BBQ portable braai

Hotrods Cookout BBQ

Sometimes when you arrive at a campsite they either don’t have braais available or they’ve got built in braais which are not in a convenient place and in that case, it’s very useful to have a portable braai.

When I started searching for potable braais I found a surprising number of them available, each with its own benefits and own shortcomings, and it wasn’t an easy choice at the end of the day.

What I was looking for

I set up a list of criteria.

  • The first and one of the most important for me was that I needed a braai that was easy to assemble, easy to clean.
  • It needed to be height adjustable. In other words, I do not want a braai that I need to put onto a table to be able to stand and braai, or where I’ve got to sit down and braai on the ground because it’s so small and low or that I have to bend down every time I need to turn over the meat. I needed something that I comfortably stand and braai at.
  • It also needed to be small enough so that I could easily pack it and easily easily fit under the bed in the caravan.
  • And then very important, I wanted something where the grid was height adjustable. I find it frustrating to braai at a particular heat all the time, where the grid can’t be lowered or raised to alter the heat on the meat itself.

It wasn’t a very long list of criteria but it wasn’t easy finding something that fit all of those criteria. Ultimately, I settled on the Hotrods Cookout BBQ.

What do you get in the Hotrods Cookout BBQ bag?

Packed up it comes comes in it’s own bag. It has a diameter of 425mm, about the size of a Cadac Skottel skaar, for those of you that own one of those. Maybe the diameter’s slightly smaller. It is made from a durable enamel baked steel and weighs 5.6 kg.

The Hotrods Cookout BBW packed in its bag
Packed away in its bag

It comes with a foot plate, the grid, as well as a grid that fits inside the braai itself, so that your coals are lifted off the bottom. This allows you to get air flow underneath your coals, which I think is important.

It also comes with two “tubes” used for supporting the pan of the braai. These two can be combined or one of them can be used to allow you to set the height of your braai. Lastly, there is the pan of of the braai.

I still keep mine in the original packaging that came it with. It just makes it easier to transport and so that it doesn’t damage when driving on corrugated roads.

The pan is nice and deep. Within the pan goes the coal grid so your coals or wood goes on top of that, so you can get a air flow from underneath.

Assembling the Hotrods Cookout BBQ

When assembling the braai you actually screw the two column units into each other. This in turn screws on to the foot stand. The pan fits over a central “tube” that is house inside the one column. Then grid in turn fits into this “tube”.

The Hotrods Cookout BBQ grid height adjustment mechanism

Inside the column there is a spring pushing this “tube” up. This allows you to easily adjust the grid to five different heights. It also allows you to swivel the grid 360 degrees which is sometimes useful, depending on the where the hottest area of the fire is.

The Hotrods Cookout BBQ at full height

Because the to center columns can be combined, the pan of the braai can be set to a very comfortable height to braai at. Here is a view of the braai set at full height with the grid fairly low. The adjustable knob on the side can be clearly seen.

The Hotrods Cookout BBQ at full height

Also, if you’re really, really lazy, you can assemble it in such a way, by using only one of the two columns, that you can sit and braai. I can have my beer and I can literally sit and braai which I think is a nice touch. Sometimes, that’s just what you want to do.

Where to order from

I ordered mine via Tentco in Boksburg. They do order directly from the supplier but they typically don’t keep them in stock. If you do go to Tentco you’d have to ask them to order the Hotrods Cookout BBQ for you because you’re not going to see it on the shelf. also stock the Hotrods Cookout BBQ.


I have been using the Hotrods Cookout BBQ for some time now and I believe it fits all the criteria that I set for for the braai I wanted. I do find it more practical than some of the smaller units, although they are very compact and easy to assemble the Hotrods Cookout BBQ can adjust in height. To me the fact that the grid can adjust in height is very important.

And until next time, keep on braaiing and keep on camping.

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