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Making life easier with the Endless Vision Water Pump

Endless Vision water pump for five and ten litre water containers

Today we’ll be looking at an easy way to decant water from five and ten litre water containers when camping.

The problem

When I camp, we typically don’t use the water from the caravan’s tanks, we find it a bit weird in taste. So I usually purchase five or ten litre still water containers to take along. The problem with that of course is decanting it into cups and glasses from the large container. I’ve got a six year old and this is just much too big for her to handle.

So now I’ve got to take along an additional container that contains a little tap, pour the water over into that, and then use that to decant the water. Something else that I need to lug along, and it takes up space.

The solution

So I was really happy to see about a month ago at Camp World in Boksburg, a product that they haven’t had before, brought in by company called Endless Vision. It’s particularly made to fit onto the five and ten litre water containers directly.

I want to state up front that I purchased the product with my money. I’m not sponsored and I have no affiliation with Camp World or Endless Vision. This is simply a product that I purchased and find very useful and would like to share the information about.

What you get

So what comes in the box? Keep in mind, this is at a price of R 75, which I think is very affordable.

It comes with a pump unit and three tubes that you can assemble, depending on the size of your bottle. Also an adapter for fitting on a five litre bottle or directly onto a ten litre bottle.

Endless Vision pump unit
The pump unit
Three tubes
Three tubes
Adapter fir 5 litre bottles
The adaptor

A little nozzle with a plug for the front, and what I think is a nice touch, it also comes with a little brush, which allows you to clean your tubes easily, if you need to.

Endless Vision pump assembled
Endless Vision pump assembled

Assembly is very easy. You simply attach the adapter if needed depending on the size of the container. You attach the nozzle. The number of tubes you need will depend on the size of the container. I needed two of the tubes because I used a five liter bottle.

You screw it onto the container, and that’s it. As simple as that.

The unit can be locked by turning it slightly clockwise. This prevents the pump from being pushed down by mistake. Turn it slightly anti-clockwise and it is primed for pumping water.

Pumping water from a five litre container using the Endless Vision water pump

Pumping water from a five litre container using the Endless Vision water pump

There we go. A single pump. Very easy to use. I’ve been using it for the last two weeks now while we’ve been camping and we used it daily.

I really find it useful. I wont’ go and camp without it again, not in the caravan at least, it just makes life so much easier.

I’ll put the link for Endless Vision’s website, on the blog and also on the YouTube channel. You can order directly from their website.

Ordering a cost of the Endless Vision water pump

I paid R 75 for mine. You can order directly from the Endless Vision website but I found the shipping fees, because of the price of the particular product that I ordered, to almost double the price of the product. In my case I could go and pick up the product from Endless Vision because they are not too far from where I stay. But, even including the shipping fees, I think it’s a worthwhile purchase. It really does make life easier.

Well here’s on water and making lives easier. Until next time, keep well.

Endless Vision’s website:

CampSavvy Youtube channel video

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