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Camp Savvy

Month: April 2019

Hotrods Cookout BBQ portable braai

Hotrods Cookout BBQ

Sometimes when you arrive at a campsite they either don’t have braais available or they’ve got built in braais which are not in a convenient place and in that case, it’s very useful to have a portable braai.

I didn’t have a very long list of criteria but it wasn’t easy finding something that fit all of those criteria. Ultimately, I settled on the Hotrods Cookout BBQ.Continue reading… Hotrods Cookout BBQ portable braai

Making life easier with the Endless Vision Water Pump

Endless Vision water pump for five and ten litre water containers

When I camp, we typically don’t use the water from the caravan’s tanks, we find it a bit weird in taste. So I usually purchase five or ten litre still water containers to take along. The problem with that of course is decanting it into cups and glasses from the large container. I’ve got a six year old and this is just much too big for her to handle.

So now I’ve got to take along an additional container that contains a little tap, pour the water over into that, and then use that to decant the water. Something else that I need to lug along, and it takes up space.

What’s the solution?Continue reading… Making life easier with the Endless Vision Water Pump

How to keep your cooler box and drinks cold when camping

A mug full of cold beer

Today I want to discuss an extremely important subject, and that is, how to keep your cooler box and drinks cold. Of all the subjects we can discuss around camping, that is most probably the most important. Without cold drinks,… Continue Reading…