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Review – Lumeno 18 LED Sensor Light with optional alarm

Lumeno 18 LED Sensor light with optional alarm

When I started looking for an “alarm system” to use in the caravan tent, the Lumeno 18 LED Sensor Light with optional alarm looked like just the thing. I bought two of them and use them every time we go camping, but not quite in the way you might think.

Why the Lumeno 18 LED Sensor Light with optional alarm?

I wanted something that would warn me when I have unwanted guests in the caravan tent at night. To be honest, I’m not sure what I would do if this ever happens since I don’t believe that being shot because I wanted to prevent someone for stealing my camp chairs is worth my life. The hope is more that the would be thief would be chased off by the sound the alarm makes in a quiet campsite at night.

Now, if I could have something that could trigger automatically when needed but also be used as a regular light source while giving very power economical light, that would be a bargain. It needed to be either rechargeable or should be capable run from my caravan’s 12V battery system. The Lumeno 18 LED Sensor Light with optional alarm does all of this. Bargain!

Does the Lumeno product deliver?

Yes an no. Let’s be clear about it, I use the two lights I own every time we go camping. In short, they are very useful, unfortunately not as an alarm system.

As an alarm

Don’t get me wrong, they work exactly as advertised. When armed, the alarm will trigger at the slightest of movement and a high pitched, fairly loud noise will be made for approximately 4 minutes. I’m confident that the sound will wake me up, and most probably other campers in the vicinity as well. There is however one small snag. I can’t afford to activate the alarm simply because it is the most thoughtless design I’ve ever come across.

To arm the alarm you have to have the light switched on (obviously) and then you press a small black button. Immediately upon pressing this button the high pitched alarm immediately starts blaring at full volume. This it continues to do for slightly more than 30 seconds (feels more like a minute) until the light finally switches off and the alarm falls silent. Now it is armed and will trigger when movement activates it. When activated, the light switches on and the alarm sounds again for about 4 minutes after which the light will switch off and the alarm again will be silent until triggered again. You can of course silence the alarm by either switching off the power or pressing the little black button.

I don’t know about you but I don’t fancy arming the alarm and then having it wake up the neighborhood for 30 seconds in a very quiet camp site. Being sworn at by neighbors is not my idea of a relaxing camping trip.

As a light

On the other hand, as a source of light I think it is brilliant. They are very bright and consume only slightly more than 0.3 A/h (I measured it). Add to this the fact that it automatically switches on when there is movement and off after about two to four minutes if there is none, and you’ve got a very power efficient light. As a matter of fact, I typically rather use my two Lumuno lights rather than the caravan’s external lights for this very reason. I find it especially useful when we are sitting around the campfire. We can then enjoy the ambiance of the campfire with the light in the tent off but when we do need to go into the tent, we automatically have light.

Reading with these lights does take a bit of getting used to. Actually, any activity that causes you to sit very still for more than the time it takes the light to switch off will result in sudden darkness, waving of arms and then light. That being said, they are extremely sensitive to movement.

Practical setup

Bracket that I added to allow me to clip the light onto a tent pole. Can be purchased from any hardware store.

The light comes with two small brackets that clip onto the back. These can be used to mount them against a wall for example. I pop riveted a spring clamp that is just big enough to clip onto my tent poles onto this, allowing me to easily mount the light anywhere in my caravan tent.

Brad-Harrison plug and disconnect terminals

I made up a very long power cable (thin wires) with a Brad-Harrison plug at the end allowing me to plug it into the caravan’s battery system. I also placed some disconnect terminals in-line so that I can disconnect the Brad-Harrison plug and connect the cable onto a 7A/h 12V battery. This makes the setup really portable allowing me to use it wherever I like.

Disconnect terminals connected to a 7A/h 12V battery


Would I buy this product again if I had to do it over? Definitely not! It is absolutely useless as an alarm system. It is however brilliant as a light source. For this reason I would suggest you rather look at the Lumeno LED Module 18 LED Aluminium strip With motion sensor. Why pay more for the optional alarm that is not practical to use?

A note about the availability of these two products

I’ve noticed that neither the Lumeno LED Module 18 LED Aluminium strip With motion sensor with optional alarm or the Lumeno LED Module 18 LED Aluminium strip With motion sensor are listed on the website. A number of on-line vendors are also showing that the supplier does not have stock available at the moment. It is however still available on some sites and at some brick and mortar outlets. I’ve received confirmation from Lumeno Led earlier today that they have indeed discontinued both products. The Lumeno LED Module 18 LED Aluminium strip With motion sensor and optional alarm is no great loss to the camping community because of the issue I described. The Lumeno LED Module 18 LED Aluminium strip With motion sensor is however, in my opinion, a loss.

Video Report

The below video report for the Lumeno 18 LED Sensor Light with optional alarm is available on my Camp Savvy YouTube Channel

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