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Zappem’ Dead – Camp Savvy’s answer to mosquitoes

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This is the first in a series of short videos about camp equipment that I depend on when I go camping. I want to make it clear that I am not sponsored or paid to review these, They are simply equipment that I’ve purchased over the years that fill a need making our lives easier when camping.

Zappem' Dead package

One of my pet peeves in life is mosquitoes. The sound of a mosquito buzzing overhead while I’m trying to fall asleep immediately gets my rev counter in the red. Flies come a close second in the race of things that irritate me the most.

There are of course many contraptions designed to kill or deter these irritating pests. I often see at campsites those mosquito zappers with the ultra-violet light that is supposed to attract the mosquitoes and then send them into the afterlife with a high voltage electric shock when they get too close to the light. (My next blog entry/video will cover this subject). Just know that mosquitoes are not attracted to ultra violet light. (See my post
Are Black light bug zappers effective in killing mosquitoes?)

In my opinion there is only one effective method, other than bug spray, to kill the little suckers with the least amount of effort. No, I’m not talking about killing them by throwing them with a pillow while they sit against the ceiling or trying to hit them with a towel snap in mid-air. I’ve used both those methods and have loose ceiling nails and an uncanny accuracy with the towel snap to prove it. I’m talking about using the Zappem’ Dead electrified bug swatter. This piece of high voltage death is portable, runs on two penlight (AA) batteries and creates a high voltage current when a small button on the handle is pressed. All you need is a good tennis swing and the flying buggers don’t stand a chance.


I use two different approaches depending whether the pest is flying or perched.

When flying I simply imagine myself on Wimbledon and pull out my best center court swing.

I’ve learned that when perched, especially on the ceiling, mosquitoes launches themselves into flight by first dropping about 2cm from the ceiling. I simply angle the Zapper as close to the ceiling as I can and then tap lightly close to the little blood sucker with the electrified rods of the zapper below the mosquito. It will then simply drop down to its death.

I’ve got to admit, the small pleasures in life gives me great satisfaction. Hearing that crackle and seeing the small blue electric arc when I send another pest on its way it greatly satisfying.

Where to buy and keep

I keep one of these underneath the bed in the house, within very close reach and another permanently in the caravan. I do not want to make the mistake of going camping without my trusty Bug Zapper.

You can find them at Builders Warehouse but I have seen them at Outdoor Warehouse and most other outdoor shops. At Tentco they have a different make which has a built in torch (so that you can see the buggers in the dark) and a slightly different design to the metal grid.


Getting one of these is money well spent. They are effective and deadly. As a matter of fact, two years ago we gave some of them as small Christmas presents and I know that they are all being used.

If you use one of these, or go and get one, let me know in the comments section below what your experience with the Zappem’ Dead electric bug zapper is.

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